gender expectations

Princess Power: The Brave and the Beautiful

The twittersphere is all a flutter over Merida-gate.  The star of Disney’s animated movie Brave had a facelift and tummy tuck to prep for her anointment. Forget ‘being brave, strong, passionate, determined and confident’, a new sexier look is what will win the royal day despite what Brenda Chapman, who wrote and co-directed the movie, … Continue Reading »

Girls got schwing

Garth and Wayne (Dana Carvey and Mike Myers) brought the term ‘schwing’ to our urban lexicon.  The suburban, hockey playin’, Led Zeppelin lovin’ boys of Wayne’s World would ‘schwing’ when talking about or when seeing an attractive woman.  Schwing is a physical response that Wayne and Garth could not control.  Their bodies were sending them … Continue Reading »