Salons and Workshops for Parents

Have you ever considered getting  a bunch of parenting friends together to talk about raising sexually intelligent kids?  Or perhaps the parents in your child’s daycare or kindergarten class?4x6 postcard front

Regardless of the age of the kids, the idea is to get comfortable and nurture the development of your child’s positive sexual values. Over a glass of wine or beer, we’ll talk about creating a relationship where your kids see you as their trusted support system when things get confusing and hard.  Sessions can focus on:

  • when and what to give young people as honest and accurate information so they don’t collect myths and half truths.
  • helping kids develop the skills they need to navigate fulfilling and healthy relationships.
  • equipping kids with tools to interpret messages they receive from movies, music and advertisements.
  • sharing good internet and social media practices that are responsive to the hyper-sexualized world that we live in.

I’m happy to tailor sessions to the needs of participants.  That may mean getting parents to answer a few questions in advance or have them send questions they specifically want addressed. Get in touch and we can tailor a program to meet the needs of your group.

Or, if you would like something more formal, consider a workshop, salon, or series focused on any of the following:

  • Sexual Intelligence: Defining sexual values for raising kids
  • Sexplain that! Raising sexually intelligent pre-schoolers
  • Sexplain that! Raising sexually intelligent early elementary aged kids
  • Sexplain that! Raising sexually intelligent middle schoolers
  • Sexplain that! Raising sexually intelligent teens
  • Teaching consent, healthy relationships, and negotiating what you want
  • Gender, sexuality and biology: Helping our kids navigate gender roles, sexual attraction and sexual expression.
  • Raising sexually intelligent kids in a media saturated world: Hypersexualization and our kids
  • Porn Literacy for parents: Raising sexually intelligent kids in the era
  • Social Media: Building Sexual Intelligence despite (and with) Facebook, Snapchat, Texting and Twitter.
  • Sexplaining for Dads: Raising your sexually intelligent kids one conversation at a time

Feel free to get in touch – info[at] – and book a Salon or Workshop soon.