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Getting Ready for School – Raising Sexually Intelligent Pre-Schoolers
If your child going to start school in the upcoming months?  It’s a good time to think about what and how to frame conversations with your child about bodies, privacy, and healthy touch.  Join this one hour webinar for the important ideas you can start communicating to your child so that they begin their schooling equipped and ready.

Wednesday May 21st 2014, 8pm PST
Thursday June 19th, 2014, 7pm PST
July 2014 – day and time to be determined.  Stay tuned!
August 2014 – day and time to be determined.  Stay tuned!
Cost: $20.00 CAN

Raising Sexually Intelligent Kids in a Sex Saturated World
Sexualized music, movies and advertisements are reaching our kids all the time.  Rather than pretending your child isn’t consuming it or learning from it, develop strategies and skills for broaching the subject of the sexualized media around them.

Tuesday March 11th 2014, 7pm PST
Wednesday May 8th 2014, 6pm PST
Cost: $20.00 CAN

Porn Literacy for Parents: Raising Sexually Intelligent Kids in the Era
We know that porn is pervasive and easily accessed by people at younger and younger ages.  The question is what do we do about it since we can’t make it disappear. This one hour webinar will provide tips for talking to your kids about porn so that they can make safe and smart decisions.

Tuesday April  22nd 2014, 8pm PST
Cost: $20.00 CAN

Social Media: Building Sexual Intelligence Despite (and with) Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter.
Social media is a big part of our kids lives.  It’s one of the ways they communicate with their peers.  Sometimes it’s used to communicate about sex.  And sometimes the meeting of social media and sex is inappropriate, unsettling, and dangerous. Build some skills for talking to your kids about the intersection of social media and sexuality and support their respectful and safe use of them.

Wednesday April 9th 2014, 6:30pm PST
Tuesday June 3rd 2014, 8pm PST
Cost: $20.00 CAN