Sexually intelligent

A view on vulvas.

A lot of people say vagina when they actually mean vulva. Both are good words and ought to be used where appropriate, I think. The vagina is inside a female’s body.  It’s essentially a tube or passage way that goes from the outside of the body to the cervix, which is the doorway to the … Continue Reading »

I Keep Finding Clit

When I play boggle with my son. It’s a legitimate word, right?  Or do you play that short forms are not allowed?  Either way, I’ve played two games in the last 3 days where I found – and didn’t write down – the word clit. Why didn’t I?  He doesn’t know the word or the … Continue Reading »

Sex play and preschoolers

When I was 5 or 6, I had a play date with Noah.  I remember that we both put a pair of his underwear on over our clothes, turned off his bedroom light, got into his closet and kissed. Noah’s dad came in, invited us out of the closet and out of the underwear and … Continue Reading »

Building Sexual Decision-Making Skills the Google Way

Kids are so smart.  And with the internet at our teenagers fingertips almost all the time, there is amazing opportunity for learning.  Even about sex. We are chronically overwhelmed and frightened for your kids though, aren’t we?  Sexual predators and perversions are lurking everywhere.  Innocent google searches will expose our young to sex workers and … Continue Reading »

My Parents have Sex? Gross.

It seems somewhat likely that our kids will be freaked out at the idea of us getting it on. Tell the truth…is there still a high ‘ick factor’ in knowing that your parents had sex (at least once)? Maybe it doesn’t need to be that way. I’m not saying you want to talk details to … Continue Reading »

The right age for losing it

Any time teenagers are provided the opportunity to ask me questions about sex and sexuality anonymously they ask the question ‘How old should people be when they have sex for the first time?’ And if they don’t ask that, they ask: What’s the average age for losing your virginity? How will I know when I’m … Continue Reading »

How did your folks do?

                   Did you get ‘the talk’?  Was a book surreptitiously left on your bedside table?  Were your parents dismissive or punitive or completely absent when it came to teaching you about sex?  Did they utter a single word about pleasure? Maybe your parents were liberal, free-spirited people who modeled a certain sexual progressiveness but still … Continue Reading »