Age-appropriate information

Talking about birth over breakfast

Small conversations can make a big impressions and can happen anywhere. Talking to your child at an early age about sex is the first step toward raising them to be good sexual decision-makers.  As they enter junior high and high school, the pressure and messages related to sex and sexuality increases so it’s a good … Continue Reading »

Fuck. It’s just a word, right?

Somewhere along the way our kids learn the word fuck.  Maybe a three year old says it and we laugh (So cute! So outrageous!), or sometimes a 6 year old figures out it’s got weight and throws it about with force (I’ve heard a kid say ‘fuck you, dada!’ with a vengeance).  Regardless of when … Continue Reading »

Private Time in the Loo: What are the rules in your house?

When my kids were toddlers, it was impossible to pee without them joining me in the bathroom.  They generally hung off a leg or insisted on sitting on my lap.  As that particular form of attachment lessened, I relished the 90 seconds of privacy I could grab. It was the ultimate experience of ‘me time’.  … Continue Reading »

Vaginas don’t have tastebuds

I love hearing about kids that are making logical connections about sex.  ‘But vaginas don’t have tastebuds’ was an 11 year olds response when her older brother declared that he had been to a store that had grape flavored condoms. First I thought about how smart she is.  Then it reminded me of bubble gum … Continue Reading »

Ohhhh, Sexy Lady

Psy, Gangnam Style’s now iconic singing sensation brought the word sexy to our toddlers. My youngest, when singing and executing the Oppa Gangnam style dance moves, alternates between saying ‘sixy’ or ‘sucksy’ which I quite enjoy, but truth is ‘sexy’ is a word in the lexicon of my young children. Living in the hyper-sexualized culture … Continue Reading »

The Motion in the Ocean

At some point during adolescence, boys figure out that there is a perceived correlation between penis size and stud factor.  All you have to do is watch Dirk Diggler in Boogie Nights to understand that his impressively large shlong was substantially responsible for his success in the porn business. Starting around puberty, boys start picking … Continue Reading »

A view on vulvas.

A lot of people say vagina when they actually mean vulva. Both are good words and ought to be used where appropriate, I think. The vagina is inside a female’s body.  It’s essentially a tube or passage way that goes from the outside of the body to the cervix, which is the doorway to the … Continue Reading »

Sex play and preschoolers

When I was 5 or 6, I had a play date with Noah.  I remember that we both put a pair of his underwear on over our clothes, turned off his bedroom light, got into his closet and kissed. Noah’s dad came in, invited us out of the closet and out of the underwear and … Continue Reading »