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Gender is messy, get used to it. (part 1)

Have you heard that trans is the new gay?  Apparently gay is blasé. Everyone, from NBA stars to politicians are gay or outspoken LGB allies.  Country by country (France, Uruguay…), state by state (Minnesota, the 12th state, which one is next?), GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance) to Anti-homophobia Day, we are breaking down the walls of LGB … Continue Reading »

‘That’s so gay’

We hear it at the bar and the gym.  They hear it in the playground and at summer camp. People just fling it out there without consideration of its impact. For people who identify as gay or a person reconciling their sexual orientation, the connection between homo and stupid can feel mean- spirited. It can … Continue Reading »

Princess Power: The Brave and the Beautiful

The twittersphere is all a flutter over Merida-gate.  The star of Disney’s animated movie Brave had a facelift and tummy tuck to prep for her anointment. Forget ‘being brave, strong, passionate, determined and confident’, a new sexier look is what will win the royal day despite what Brenda Chapman, who wrote and co-directed the movie, … Continue Reading »

Confronting our own sexual shame

I think we can all agree that sex is intimate, personal and totally natural.  And it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to hear that as long as people have been having sex, they’ve been doing it in creative ways. Despite all this natural but varied activity, we all hold shame around ideas of sex … Continue Reading »

Fuck. It’s just a word, right?

Somewhere along the way our kids learn the word fuck.  Maybe a three year old says it and we laugh (So cute! So outrageous!), or sometimes a 6 year old figures out it’s got weight and throws it about with force (I’ve heard a kid say ‘fuck you, dada!’ with a vengeance).  Regardless of when … Continue Reading »

Lovin’ the Jewels – Feeling your balls for health

The testes are veritable dynamos of manufacturing power, churning out about 1000 sperm per second, or about 30 billion – yes, billion – per year.  Mathematically speaking, 10 to 20 ejaculations hold enough sperm to populate the earth. Human sexuality in a world of diversity Rathus Nevid  Fitness-Rathus Herold & McKay So it’s not the … Continue Reading »

Your almost pregnant teen

Your daughter just had a pregnancy scare.  She was freaked out but maybe not as much as you. What are you going to do about it now that she is comfortably on the couch, a pad with wings between her legs and the hot water bottle resting on her belly? While archaic responses like the … Continue Reading »

Girls got schwing

Garth and Wayne (Dana Carvey and Mike Myers) brought the term ‘schwing’ to our urban lexicon.  The suburban, hockey playin’, Led Zeppelin lovin’ boys of Wayne’s World would ‘schwing’ when talking about or when seeing an attractive woman.  Schwing is a physical response that Wayne and Garth could not control.  Their bodies were sending them … Continue Reading »