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No touching! That will teach you…

An elementary school in Langley British Columbia has been in the news for the last few days because it recently implemented a ‘no-hands’ recess policy for kids in kindergarden.  Ya, you read that right.  Because of a number of injuries, the school has ‘ban[ned] all forms of hands-on play’.  This includes ‘tag, holding hands and … Continue Reading »

I’m Touching My Vulva

An old roommate of mine, Kelly, ran a pre-school in our beautiful back yard in Santa Barbara, California through the 1990s.  She was an amazing educator.  Inclusive, creative, joyful and honest in her approach with kids. Preschoolers often ran barefoot and bare-chested in our yard among the chickens, cats and orange trees.  It was a … Continue Reading »

Aunties and Uncles can be Sex Educators too!

I recently had a conversation with a dad about raising his daughters to be sexually intelligent kids. He asked if there are some conversations that are better initiated by someone other than a parent when it comes to the oftentimes awkward sex talks. My answer is a resounding maybe. Here’s the thing: We all have … Continue Reading »

Chants & Pranks. What will you do about them?

Frosh week chants have drawn the attention of many Canadians these past weeks. Yelling, as part of a group, about non-consensual underage sex somehow seemed okay to the  students at east and west coasts universities.  In some cases administrations are providing shelter to chanting students – explaining that while inappropriate it is forgivable and mostly … Continue Reading »

Bathroom words.

Pee, poo, bum, urine, stool, penis, piss, shit. It’s like the kid version of The Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television by George Carlin. “Mommy, I’m going to tell you all the bathroom words, okay?” he said “Okay.” I said “But not the inappropriate ones.” he clarified. “Okay.”  I said.    “Pee, poo, bum, … Continue Reading »

Back-to-School Realization: You’re the Sex Ed Teacher

If your household is anything like mine you’re scheduling after school activities (piano, swimming, karate, hockey with talk of parkour and circus too), buying new corduroy pants and backpacks, and recommitting yourself to meal planning and healthier more diverse dinners. If you’re a bit like me, ‘back-to-school’ time provides one more opportunity to think about … Continue Reading »

Sex ed at Sleepover Camp

A lot of kids learn how to sail. Or learn how to use a compass and map. Or improve their tennis. Complete a swimming level or star in a musical. Some of those happened for me when I was 12, 13 and 14, but on reflection, sleep-over camp was predominantly about socialization. Camp is an … Continue Reading »

Sex talk on a Canoe Trip

In 1994 I was a tripper at an Ontario summer camp and led a canoe trip with six 14-year old girls and two of their 17-year old counsellors. I was 24 at the time. Since the mosquitos were on a feeding frenzy, one evening all nine of us squished into a 4-person tent to pass … Continue Reading »