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Feedback and Endoresments

On the Sexplainer Blog

  • I really admire your candid and respectful approach to speaking plainly about sex to our children. Yay for you. You have fortified me in my continuing quest to be the one [my child] comes to for answers and discussions.  Again, yay you!
  • I’m so glad that I found your blog!!!  I plan on sharing this with all of my open minded friends and maybe some of my friends that enjoy putting their head in the sand too. My girls are 16, 13, and 10 and as they have gotten older I have used Scarleteen as a basis to open up discussions with them, (primarily my older two at this point).  Now I will be sharing your blog with them and use your blog along with Scarleteen to prompt discussions.  In addition, reading your blog has given me additional validation that my approach to my teens sexuality is correct.
  • I really appreciated how articulate you are and how you are inclusive of many options. Not one way is the best way. I feel like you really know your topic and are a great resource for information on raising sexually intelligent kids.

On Sexplain THAT Salons and Workshops

  • I can’t tell what a huge impact [the Salon] has had on our household.  We talk about things in a very different way now, and I can’t thank you enough.
  • Marnie did a fantastic job of putting our parent group at ease with her frank, relaxed manner and sense of humour. It was not just her expertise and up-to-date knowledge of the issues children and parents face that made the event so helpful, it was her natural ability to model how to make a healthy discussion of sex and sexuality a normal part of family life.
  • I really liked how you ‘role-played’ some of the ‘awkward’ situations out to us. It comes naturally to you and hearing you put words to it really helps me to see a way I too could deliver a message I might normally be uncomfortable with. You did this with me a few months back and I learnt from your style and have applied it in my approach with my child.
  • Marnie has a way of making those potentially awkward moments in your child’s sexual learning journey seem like chatting about any other topic in life. Natural, to the point and age-appropriate advice on how to raise a sexually healthy family!
  • You are incredibly articulate and do make everyone feel safe and valued and respected no matter the background. It is terrific that you bring your personal life experience into the discussion. Thank you for your honesty and for bringing this out in others. Great modelling for our kids!
  • Everyone came up to me and thanked me for organizing the evening as they really enjoyed it and it gave some a kick in the pants.   It was just such great and truly valuable information and your approach is what makes it really undaunting.  I am excited about sharing more about sex, relationships and love with my children.  I had 2 two year olds and one 3 yr old in the car today and they started saying ‘naked’ and laughing.  So I jumped on the chance to say ” do you like being naked” and they all yelled ‘yes’ and I said ‘that’s great.  We can get naked at home with our family whenever we want because it’s our body but just remember we keep that a home time thing, not in public.’

Conference presentation feedback

  • Great session. The best in the whole conference! Great speaker for the topic.
  • Very informative, insightful and provided healthy answers to questions and situations that were uncomfortable and taboo when I was growing up.
  • A ‘squeamish’ topic that was presented in a very comfortable way. Excellent clear messages for practitioners and parents.
  • I found I wanted to hear more from her. Everything she had to say made complete sense to me.  (Your can read the whole review here.)

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