About me

I was raised by sex-positive parents and it has served me well. Though I trained as a lawyer, I’ve always preferred to use my skills for house buying and arguing for fun. I worked as a sexual health educator for Planned Parenthood of Toronto for several years, and since then, when not working in senior leadership roles in the voluntary sector, I take every opportunity to talk about sex to anyone who will listen.Ds80GAlXfMnNZoOblLey7iI02-kyKqmDS3DCgR6d0kw-1

I was trained by Options for Sexual Health in their comprehensive Sexual Health Educators Certification Program.

I live in Vancouver, Canada with my partner and our two boys. We live in an amazingly diverse neighbourhood where our kids know the folks at the food co-op and library and skating rink. There’s a lot of shuffling to soccer practices and circus school, and when we’re not doing that, you can find us camping and building things on our ‘land’ or in the mountains skiing, biking and frolicking.

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Very cool news! I’ve been shortlisted as one of VancouverMom.ca’s top 30 2013 bloggers.