New webinars make great gifts for 2014

Guess what? 2014 is the year for learning how to raise sexually intelligent kids.

If you have a kid, are going to have a kid, know someone with a kid.
If you’re an uncle, aunt, grandparent, god-parent.
If you’re a teacher, coach or Big Brother (or sister).

Any adult who is commited to seeing young people grow up healthy and happy can develop skills and help the kids in their life be sex smart. Sex smarts aren’t innate so why not be a positive influence when it comes to the tough stuff.

  • Kids need honest and clear information from trusted sources starting right at the beginning.  Whether it’s proper names for body parts,  lessons in consent or gender stereotyping, what our kids learn early on, will shape their lives later.
  • It’s a world full of limited (and oftentimes negative) messaging when it comes to sex and sexuality. Kids need guidance to navigate all the misleading and over-sexified perspectives on sex that we’re all fed by Hollywood, advertisers, the music industry and porn.  Helping the kids in our life understand the messages they see and hear supports self-esteem and good decision-making.
  • More and more, young people communicate through social media. Sexuality has always been a (distracting) force in young (and old) peoples lives but social media has amplified the experience of sexual communication.  With technology in mind, we have to support (pre-)teens to discover their (and other people’s) sexuality in safe and fulfilling ways.

Check out my new webinars  and invest in building your skills and comfort to talk with the important kids in your life about sex.  Or, give one as a gift (what a great stocking stuffer!) – the topic of sex and sexuality (and kids) leaves many of us feeling awkward and squeamish.  Often it’s more comfortable doing nothing even when we know something ought to happen.

Sexplain THAT! Raising Sexually Intelligent Kids – This 8-week web-based program  includes 2 webinars, an e-workbook and private facebook page (and more).  The program will focus on developing skills for talking to kids that are younger than 8.

Getting Ready for School – Raising Sexually Intelligent Pre-Schoolers – What can you start telling your kids if school is around the corner.  This webinar will cover the knowledge and sex education that you can share with your child before they get busy learning from teachers and peers.

Porn Literacy for Parents: Raising Sexually Intelligent Kids in the Era – Talking to kids about porn is a must do.  Statistics are making clear that porn is being viewed by many teens and can have a negative impact.  Talk before they see it and help them put porn in perspective.

Defining Sexual Values to Raise Healthy and Happy Kids - This one is specifically for parents-to-be!  Before you become overwhelmed with sleeplessness, introducing solids, potty training and play dates, spend some time thinking about your values around sex and sexuality and how you want to influence your child on it.  New parents can join the fun too!  This program includes 2 webinars and an e-workbook.

Raising Sexually Intelligent Kids in a Sex Saturated World - This webinar is all about the media and the sexualized content that surrounds us and the kids in our lives. Learn ways to discuss media representations of sex and sexuality that develop critical thinking skills and healthy self-esteem.

Building Sexual Intelligence in Social Media Use - Kids communicate (about sex) through facebook, snapchat, AskFM and texting.  This one hour webinar will look at how we can support our kids to engage with these tools in healthy ways.

Is there a topic you want covered but don’t see here?  Please let me know!

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