How to Talk To Your Children About Gay Parents, By a Gay Parent

Hi everyone! This is a first but I’m reposting from someone else’s blog. This comes from MommyMan, Adventures of a Gay Superdad. Jerry writes here about talking to kids about gay parents. It’s smart and fun and practical. Only point of disagreement (from point #3) – we don’t have to wait for junior high health class to educate our kids about intercourse. But I think Jerry was being cheeky. The rest of his post allows me to hold that perspective. Either that, or I’d like to see those stats about the gay smurfs!

I hope if you’ve been wondering how to frame this issue for your kids, you find this helpful too.

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  1. Excellent blog. Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi SexPlainer! Thanks for the reblog. Yeah, I don’t mean for the junior high health class thing to be taken literally. That’s more your area of expertise (sexpertise?) than mine. :)

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