Bathroom words.

Pee, poo, bum, urine, stool, penis, piss, shit.

It’s like the kid version of The Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television by George Carlin.

“Mommy, I’m going to tell you all the bathroom words, okay?” he said

“Okay.” I said

“But not the inappropriate ones.” he clarified.

“Okay.”  I said.    “Pee, poo, bum, urine, stool, penis.”

“And what are the inappropriate words?” I inquired

“Piss and shit” he declared.

There they are.  The bathroom words.  I’ve never used the language ‘bathroom words’ but have heard my kids say it over the years and haven’t challenged it.  It was time to challenge it.

Real bathroom words.

Real bathroom words.

I explained to my kid that while those are words that might come up in the bathroom since he uses his penis and bum to pee and poo and what’s left behind is urine and stool, they are not exclusively bathroom words.  We then had a good conversation about using words at the right time and in the right place.

On penis, specifically, we talked about how the penis is part of a body, not a bathroom word.  If someone visiting the Aquarium asked one of the marine biologists how whales make babies it would be appropriate for the biologist to explain that the male whale delivers sperm through its penis to the female whale.

To which my son said ‘penis is an aquarium word’.

And I had to agree.


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