Camp Gyno

I love it.  I love it because it depicts a young woman excited to have her ‘red badge of courage’.  I love it because menstruation is a word uttered rather than couched behind ‘that time of the month’.  I love it because she says ‘vag’ and because it might compel us as parents to explain what a ‘cycle’ and ‘Gyno’ are.

I don’t like that she yells at a kid for having cramps. But I’m not humourless.  And even that depiction provides an opportunity for conversation about some of the common challenges of menstruation and the myriad of ways those challenges can be managed other than by ‘sucking it up’.

Like all ads, this one was made to sell something.  Whether you think your 11 year old daughter ought to use tampons or pads (or reusable menstrual products) is your business.  That’s a part of parenting with your values in mind.  But I would encourage parents to get educated themselves.  Many of us had limited information when we started menstruating and did what our mothers did or provided to us.  Understanding all the options and determining which are aligned with our values is information worth sharing with our daughters.

Be gone commercials with blue liquid.  Hello menstruation demonstration!

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