My Parents have Sex? Gross.

It seems somewhat likely that our kids will be freaked out at the idea of us getting it on. Tell the truth…is there still a high ‘ick factor’ in knowing that your parents had sex (at least once)?

Maybe it doesn’t need to be that way. I’m not saying you want to talk details to your kids about your sex life but surely it’s wiser not to pretend it doesn’t exist. And, you never know, maybe we can even avoid the cringe factor?
Our kids don’t need to be mortified if they find our birth control or sex toys. While we might feel a bit embarrassed at being caught or heard in the act, it shouldn’t be a shameful thing.  Being exposed while in a private encounter can make everyone involved blush but ought not cause you to embrace celibacy or force your kids to find their own apartment (even if they are 11). It’s actually a good time to reinforce that sex is about more than procreation but is about connection, love, pleasure and ought to be a lifelong adult pursuit. Equipped with this knowledge, we are more likely to raise kids that understand us to be sexual beings as well as their parents.  And to understand that this is ok, maybe even pretty fabulous.

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